Analogue or Digital?

Hello everyone!

Did you know? Dr Joseph Mortimer Granville invented the vibrator in the 1880s because he and most of his fellow practitioners were tired of bringing their female patients to orgasm. It’s true. Victorian doctors would commonly encounter female patients with hysteria. Symptoms included fatigue, nervousness and depression. The treatment for this condition was the “pelvic massage” procedure which they described as tedious and tiring.

Now, just for a moment imagine your GP prescribing an orgasm to treat your fatigue or a stress headache. I just did… you would also if you’d met my GP. Unfortunately, if you’re thinking of faking it, female hysteria is no longer a recognised condition. Sigh. 

Now you know who to thank for pioneering the vibrator we know and love today. Fortunately for us, design and construction have come a long way from those old chunky devices. 

The Age Of The Intelligent Sex Bot

I’m sure many have thought, “If only Barbie was real”. Now she can be. The invention of the sex doll is old news, but a scientist in Catalonia, Spain has developed a female robotic sex doll equipped with the latest advancements in AI, including sensors in all the places that matter. It reacts to the touch and voice of users and will only be romantic if treated well.

Its inventor says it can relieve tension in a relationship when wifey isn’t in the mood as often as hubby. They sell their randy robots for between R40 000 and R100 000. Wow, for that kind of money, it better be able to clean my kitchen and pick up the kids after school.

That begs the question, once they invent the male version of the robotic sex doll, will you stay true to your analogue vibrator or go full digital robotic sex doll? For me, I’m definitely on the side of the good old analogue. I can’t quite see myself sleeping with my GPS.

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