Mirror, mirror…

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year to you!

Wow, the year kicked off with a bang. The days of being able to ease into the new year are long gone, I suppose. I enjoyed a very festive season, and having recently spent too much time staring into my mirror, critising the woman that lived there, I began to wonder.

What if your mirror could talk?

What would it say when asked questions about how you look? Like the fairytale, it would speak only the truth. So, like the love-hate relationship I have with my bathroom scale, would that truth make it a friend or a foe? And how much patience does anyone really have for the naked truth?

Absolutely zero on a Monday morning, if you’re asking me.

The truth is we’re all probably harder on ourselves than what we should be. We see only what we want to see, and more bad than good. We unfairly critique ourselves for wicked wrinkles that are really hard-earned laugh lines. And the list goes on – pooh belly, thunder thighs, mom hips, saddlebags, buttsag, and turkey flab. Have I missed any?

Well I think it’s time we change the narrative. We’ve been critising ourselves since forever, and it hasn’t worked. We need to flip the script and try approving of ourselves and see what happens. I don’t think we can do any worse and who knows, with a little more patience and respect for ourselves, maybe we can begin to love the woman that lives in the mirror.

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